About Samantha Wordie

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I started my photography business in 2008 after a combination of accidental steps in life that led me to discover the joys of a camera. Having been to the BRIT School followed by London College of Fashion I had intended to enter the world of Costume Design and Set Production. During the course at LCF I had photography as one of my subjects and the composition and creative ideas fascinated me, however, as it wasn’t the main focus of my course, it took a back seat.

A few years later my Uncle was diagnosed with terminal cancer. During this time I visited him every weekend and it was during one of these visits that he sat me and my cousin down and basically told us to do something we love with our lives and not to waste them. The following Monday morning I had an epiphany whilst walking over a bridge on my way to work and realised had been ignoring my passion, I decided to quit everything I was working on and set up a photography business to give myself the freedom to create on whatever I wanted.

I have been successfully running my own business ever since and have worked in the UK, Europe and the USA, at fantastic venues, for wonderful clients and have met an incredible amount of amazing people.

I love the variety of subjects and challenges that come with photography. I can be photographing a wedding on Friday, a Boxing match on Saturday and then be standing on a roof at 8am in Piccadilly Circus on Sunday doing a commercial shoot!


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